Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Favorite Etsy shops and a scarf swap!

So I am an avid lover of Etsy! I have recently bought a few things from there, and I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite shops! 3 to be exact! First off is a shop called:

PuppyDogsNPolkaDots . My friend Kathie @ my net finds had a giveaway and I won tons of stuff but one of them was a Key Fob. I looooved this key fob and went on a search for more. That is when I came across puppydogsNpolkadots! Her key fobs are well made, reasonably priced, colorful, and she has so many different styles it's crazy! The delivery was fast and she was super friendly! Here is a picture of some of their many options of Key fobs:

Why a Key fob? Well I never would have gotten one if it weren't for Kathie. I would have had no idea what I was missing out on. I have huuuuge purses. My keys get lost so easily...NOT ANY MORE! The key fobs are brightly colored and decent sized so you can find them quickly! Also if you don't want to take your purse you can throw them on your wrist and you are good to go!
You want a key fob now don't you?
Well go check out the store and pick one that matches your personality! They come highly recommend by me!

Next store that I found that I love is:
Ruth's Fun shop

I bought these there:

Gummi bears?

No!....well....yes. They are gummi bear soaps! They look yummy (but don't eat them!)
They are my favorite thing right now. I love when people come out of my bathroom and ask me why I have gummi bears in there! They smell great and leave your hands smelling great as well! Ruth's fun shop has many other soaps that look just as yummy! You can check them out for yourself!
Look! I finally found something special to hold my gummi bears! Thanks Kathie for this cute green glass! Doesn't this little display look so cute and bright!? It always makes me happy to see it!

Ok, the last shop that I am loving right now is:

Dime Store Thrift's Shop

I bought this:

It's an owl trivet! It is sooo cute!

This shop is run by a follow blogger, my blogging friend Sonya at Dime Store Thrift
We know I love owls, so I check her shop often for these little cuties! She still has one owl trivet left in her shop if you think he is as cute as I do!
Also, she shipped out my item super fast, and she was super friendly to work with!
I adore her shop, and I know you will too!

So those are my 3 favorite shops right now! I might do one of these post every now and again because I know a lot of you love Etsy and it might be nice to pass along to my readers some of my favorite shops as I find them!

Also....I am actually going to open my Etsy store! I know I go back and forth a lot with this, but It will be open in November in time for me to make cute little felt ornaments for everyone and other things! Im super excited to get it up and running, and this time...I WILL GET IT UP AND RUNNING! promise!

Also, this post was my opinion no one asked me to write this post and I did not get any free product, nor did I get paid for this post!

Happy Shopping!

I almost FORGOT! I did a scarf swap over at Loves of Life

I got my scarf the other day and it was really cute and totally the softest most comfy scarf I have ever come acrossed. I did not get cute the pictures are headless :) Enjoy!

The scarf.
The cutest dog ever trying to get into the photo always :)

me sporting the scarf. lol...headless.

Once my swap partner posts her scarf post I will link it so you can see the super cute scarf I got her! Also if you like scarves I bought one for my swap buddy and decided against giving it to her and bought her the one she currently has, so that "failed" scarf attempt will be an up coming giveaway! Cool eh?

Alrighty! I'm off to try to get some sleep. I have been very under the weather lately. Not feeling to good, but I think it's just going around!


  1. What a cute scarf! I love it!!

    && Those gummy bear soaps are adorable and look great in the green dish.

  2. Cute stuff, soaps, scarves and bears oh my:) Hey girl, I have a set of 3 of the owl trivets. I got them while cleaning out a house for a friend when her Grandmother passed away. They are too cute. Oh and the key fob too! I'll go check out these shopping sites, 'cause I love to shop:) Have a blessed day and I hope you feel better!

  3. those gummi bear soaps are so sneaky! i would LOVE to get some, but at the same time, i'm afraid my son might eat them...i'm sure he would would figure it out pretty fast that they weren't candy though!

    and the owl trivet! let me tell you missy, i came across a set of no less than six owl trivest at my local flea market a few months back. i wanted them so badly, but i was trying to conserve money and did not buy them. i'm so excited to see the owl here on your blog! :)

  4. Gummy bear soap? Fantastic! And your pup is so cute.

    Have the ghosts come to get you yet? Hhahaha.

  5. The soaps are so so cool!! I have to get some!

  6. Oh so cute! Thanks for playing along with us :) The scarf looks great on you.

  7. Thanks for featuring my key fobs!

    Those soaps are amazing! I just saw the picture first before I read anything and was craving some gummy bears...I guess I shouldn't eat those!! I will have to go check them out right now. :)

  8. The gummy bear soap is too cute! and I thought of you when I saw the owl trivet at Sonya's shop, but I knew you followed her so I assumed you had seen it too :-)

  9. Very cool shops and the gummy bear soaps are very cute. My owner's mother makes soap too and she made a hippo soap for my owner. Better bug her to make me a pig soap.

  10. Great scarf!!! That is so awesome!

    BTW - I'm not a crazy person I'm Katie's Sister-in-love and checking out all the people who posted their scarf! ;)

  11. Hi Erin,

    You know i LOVE that green heart-shaped dish! What a wondy gift that was :) And the gummi bears do look so bright and happy in there.

    Give your Beagle a lovin' for me,k?

    Take care~I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  12. I love getting good Etsy recommendations, so thank you for posting these. I really like the key fobs! I'm excited for you that you're going to be opening your own shop. I think you’re really talented with all of your cute crafts.

    I like your scarf a lot. That is one of my favorite accessories in the fall. Your dog is so adorable!

    Hope you feel better soon, friend :)

  13. I love etsy too. I have a bunch of things saved that I want to order someday when I have $.

  14. Thanks for the shop recommendations! I do love Etsy! Also, cute scarf!!

  15. ooooh I like it alot alot! those colors are my fav! =D

  16. Those key fobs look like a great invention...something I should really have as I'm often wondering were my keys are in my purse. LOL. I adore your gummy bear soaps...they rock! The owl trivet is adorable too. I love swaps and looks like you got a great scarf from that one. Nice looking doggy you have too...hehe!


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