Sunday, September 13, 2009

A New Swap and New Deals.


So, I'm at my first ever Colts football game right now! Isn't that exciting! I will have tons of pics to post when I get back!

So, I am doing another swap! I am waaaaaay excited about this! It is a scarf swap!

Join the fun

Please please please...if you loooove a good scarf as much as I do...please join this swap and maybe just maybe we can be swap partners! Wouldn't that be fun?

I went to CVS and they had 75% off all summer stuff!

You know my love for lime green. Well this basket was just right for me :) It is a utensil holder but Im going to use it to hold pencils and pens and other office supplies on my desk! Its perfect.
It was 4.99 do at 75% off...It was about 1.25.

I have been wanting one of these tea pitchers for a while. I was so excited to see it on the shelf!
It was 7.99
it also has 5 cups in it as you can see in this picture:

Since it was 7.99 I got it for 1.99. good price eh?

That's it for today!

Happy shopping!


  1. Great deal... have fun at the game and can't wait to see the pictures! Hugs from Georgia!

  2. Very good price on the tea pitcher! Enjoy your football game :)

  3. im jumping on board with the scarf swap! I sent your green glasses on Friday, i hope that they dont get broken!

  4. Great finds! I haven't been to the store today, but hopefully tomorrow CVS has some stuff left over here ;)

  5. ooh I love the tea pitcher. My mom usd to have one of those on the back patio all the time making sweet tea!

  6. Great finds! I love scarfs too so I'll have to check it out.

  7. You're so creative. I need to think outside of the box more. If something says that it is a utensil holder, that's what I use it for. I need to start thinking like you and use it for other things!

    The tea pitcher is so cute and the price was great!

  8. love the basket. nice colour and very useful!


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