Thursday, September 3, 2009

My First swap!


So, I did my first ever swap! I want to show you all what I gave my partner, but I forgot to take pics, and they haven't received it yet! Hopefully once they get it in the mail, they will take pictures and post and then I can share them with you all!

So I opened my package and this is what I got!
I got this cute little tote/bag.
My favorite part of it?

Some personalized note cards!

A notepad with a magnet and Pen!
This is too cute!
a mini pack of milano cookies...Yummy!
They are already in the tummy. lol.

This fingernail polish is bright and looks great on:

See, I'm already sporting it!

I also got an issue of All You magazine. Which is one of my favs!

Over all this swap was amazing!

Can't wait to do my next one!

My swap partner was Kimberly from @ The rantings of a Drama queens Mum
Go check out her blog!


  1. You got some cute things! Ok....I'm on my way over to check out Kimberly's blog!

  2. Fun swap package! I love the cupcake tote also. The personalized note cards are really cute.

  3. How do you get into swaps! It sounds fun! I would love to do one!

  4. omg these are sooo cute!
    swap packages sounds soo funn i wish i could doo itt!!!
    omgggggg love your nails!

  5. Wonderful tote bag and all the goodies! Can't wait to see what you sent her:) Have a blessed day!

  6. How fun! Glad you had a great swap!

  7. that's a very pretty totebag. now i'm hungry for cupcakes.... ;-)

  8. very nice swap. i heart cupcakes & sweets on anything-from fabrics to...everything. i can't bake but i love 'em...and ooo, so tasty. and what i can't bake, i make up for by making my art look like sweets...bad i know!

    i love swapping with friends. it's really fun. here's to more swaps in your future! and btw: will i ever see this infamous gift you have for me? your time is almost up...

  9. cute stuff! All You is my fave magazine too! was this a "fave things" swap? i love those!!!

  10. How exciting! That would be nice to get instead of a bill! I totally agree with you about the Old Navy dressing rooms too.

  11. I'm glad that you liked the stuff. I get so worried when I do swaps, that the person won't like the stuff. It was fun doing it.

  12. Swaps rock! You got some cute goodies. :)

  13. Howdy, ive just come across your blog. Your swap looks great! That bag is just too cute :)


  14. Such cute stuff! I was also a part of the swap, and loved everything I got!

  15. How fun. I did this also and had a great time... You got some great things also.

  16. Great stuff! Love the notecards :)


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