Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Colts Game, and Deals!


Ok I have a few deals to show you but first here are some pictures from my first ever Colts game! It was so exciting I have to tell you all about it!

This is one of my dearest friends Lindsey and me! She was the lucky duck who scored these tickets! They are so hard to get your hands on! We are in a bar before the game with some of her friends from work.

Us walking up to Lucas Oil Stadium! See that rectangle thats like a big window in the front of the stadium? Well, when you are inside its amazing...are you ready...

I think you have to click and make it larger to get the whole effect. But it is a view of the skyline of Indianapolis through that windowish thing! I loved it. It was so pretty.
Big beautiful flag they ran across the field for the national anthem!

Miss. America singing the national anthem!
My man Peyton Manning!
Our mascot! He's a blue horse (or colt) and he was cracking me up most of the game.

Oh yeah...and WE WON! It was a weird game actually! But Im glad we pulled it off!

So enough of the colts game and on to a few recent deals...nothing to exciting here ladies! I went to target and they had these socks on sale:

You can see from the tag that they were $1 and I got them for .50
Im a sucker for cute socks. lol.

On the way home I stopped and picked up this mug:

It was $1 and It was the 50% off color so it was .49 cents!
In case you didn't know I am obsessed with Christmas Penguins. I have collected penguins for well over 7 years. I love penguins in ever way shape and form! They are my fav!

That's it for today! Happy shopping!

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So definitely 3 giveaways this month and maybe 4! Exciting!


  1. Wow! That stadium looks huge.
    And beautiful skyline indeed!
    The mug is very cool. A mug like that would probably even manage to break through our anti christmas rule if my owner ran across it. ;-)

  2. awww i love penguins! They're so cute. AMAZING PRICE. I useto collect, well not collect but buy things that are penguins for my kitchen, i broke one of the ceramic stove tops and never found one again, so let the penguins go.. :( But thank you so much for the advice. I will take it into thought. I just cant seem to get organized with it all. But i will try

  3. Looks like you guys had a really fun time. I started liking the colts a few years ago whe Dungy started coaching there. I <3 Dungy...and will probably still enjoy your games even though he retired. (except for when they play the Broncos)

  4. The mug is so cute!!!
    I love cute socks too, i have way too many :)


  5. What a fun night with your friend! Girl... that window view of the city is WONDERFUL! I love Peyton Manning too! Cute socks and I recognized the orange sticker right away, Target clearance! Penguin cutie find, precious. Have a blessed day and can't wait to win the giveaway:)

  6. awwww, cute penguin :-)

  7. Ahh a Colt's game! Looks like so much fun. The shot with the huge American flag is very cool. I love that first picture of you. And the picture on the side of your wedding dress - gorgeous mam! Enjoy your day. Hope you find a bargain or two = )

  8. I saw your post Sunday morning about going to the colts game Sunday morning. I told hubby. He was so Jealous. It looks fun. You took great pic.

  9. The game looks like it was so much fun!

  10. The game looks like so much fun and Peyton Manning is awesome (and not only because he's from TN!). Love that mug, so cute!

  11. You got some great photos from the game! I love the one looking out at the city. What a beautiful view. I'm glad that they won too. It's always nice to go to a game that is a victory!

    The mug is cute and so are the socks :)

  12. I love cute socks too. I just got some aloe 1s from Walmart. They're light purple with darker purple dots & white dots. I mostly wear them around the house for slippers.

  13. OHHH how fun!! I love going to games :) You are so right, the view is amazing and I am so glas you won :)
    Love you your new finds too. I think the penguin ia darling :)

  14. that's one huge flag! and i really love those socks and penguin cup!

  15. "Clearance" is one of my favorite words! What great stuff you got! =)

  16. That American flag is HUGE!! WOW. Oh yea, Petyon has lots of fans back here in Tennessee too ;) GO VOLS!! He used to own a home in Horse Creek Farms Subdivision (about 35-40 miles from me) but I've heard a few different stories: the ex wife got it in the divorce and/or he sold it.

  17. cute socks and penguin mug! I'd totally end up getting them too...

  18. How fun! Looks like you all had a great time!


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