Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Target Purse Clearance and More.


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Here is finally the 75% Target clearance from a week or so ago!

We know how I feel about black and white it has caused me to stalk this purse.
it was 13 something and I was standing there wondering if it was ever going to go clearance for any cheaper when the guy that works there came up and marked it down right before my eyes!
Good price.
It was normally 26. 99

I have been looking for the perfect Chocolate brown purse....
and there it was! The guy marked it down right in front of my eyes as well!
I almost tripped trying to get it before the other girl standing there could get it :)originally 24.99
Got it for: 6.24I was unsure abotu this one, but it is so deep and wide that I can carry my school books in it, so that is probably what I will use it for!originally: 15.99
I got it for: 3.98
I've been looking for one of these for a while! You can put your cell phone in the outside and the inside holds like 5 credit cards and your id and money. Like If I go to a concert or out with the girls and dont want to bring my purse I can just take this little guy!

see? It will be very handy!
9.99 got it for 2.49

This was in the Kids clearance aisle, so Im pretty sure its an easy bake oven kind of gadget. But I have been looking at the adult version of this kits for a while and its expensive. So I'm going to give the kiddie version a try for this price, it can't hurt....right?originally 12.99
I got it for: 3.24

That is it for the Target clearance!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Yahoo for the Target guy with the clearance pricing gun, LOL! Great deals...again. I really like the black and white one too. Let me know how the cupcake thingy works out. I've been promising Madison we will make some soon.

  2. how weird, I've been looking for a brown purse! I may have to try out Target today, but mine never has these good of prices!

  3. an award for you! :-)

  4. Love the chocolate brown bag. I would have taken somebody out for it too!

  5. Awesome stuff! I love the purses you chose!

  6. I have that little phone wallet and I popped a hole in the fold, put in a brad and a key chain and it is my whole little purse for those quick runs into the store! It's great!!!

  7. cute purses! that cupcake thing is for a cupcake maker that is $20! my mom really wants one of them:) lol

    i got some SEXY shoes at target the other day for under 7 bucks and think i might have found my wedding shoes there too; i bought them for 16 on clearance but haven't taken them to the bridal shop to hold them up to my dress yet to see if the colors match!! hope they do! that beats paying $60 plus on shoes i'll wear once!!

    sigh... i ♥ target!!!

  8. i swear, target has some of the best deals EVER.clothes on clearance there are always so wicked cheap too...and nice!! :)

  9. Great finds as usual. Love the purses. You are so right about the cupcake Deco. Tell me how that works out for you.

    I think once a month you should have a day where we email you something we found for a great deal. Then you can post the good deals you have inspired us to hunt for lol.

  10. WOW! Those are some fabulous deals!!! And I love each one :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today :)

  11. I love the chocolate brown purse and the one below it. We do not have a Target that close to where I live. I think I need to make a trip every now and then to check out the clearance section.

  12. How do you do it? I was at Target today and didn't find anything like this! What great finds! I always love checking your blog seeing your good deals you find. I did go to a craft store and find two awesome stamps at 40%!! I was so excited! Saving $ must be one of the best feelings.

  13. Fantastic buys!!! Love your blog! I've been lucky a few times with clearances and picked up about 20 kiddie's hats for 51 cents each, yay!!

  14. I LOVE the black and white is perfect! I also like the dark brown one and think that it will be perfect for fall! You always find the best deals. I need to be a better bargain hunter.

    I think the pink cell phone holder/wallet thingy will come in so handy!

    I left an award for you on my blog, friend ;)

  15. Cute purses! Thanks to targets toy clearance I am all done shopping for my daughters 11th birthday. Everything done. I feel great and saved a ton. thanks for the target tip.

  16. great finds!

  17. Shoes are also rocking the clearance aisle at Target. I bought some real cute flats and healed sandals for just $4.88 each! I love a good deal!

  18. I think the deals you find are amazing. I must admit that I'm not patient enough and probably buy the stuff I like too soon...

  19. I dunno how you do it! You must shop all the time to find such good deals!!! Love the bags!

  20. I scored a fabulous Missonish scarf on clearance at Target. J'adore my Target!

  21. I'm impressed - what great finds for you!!


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