Thursday, August 13, 2009

Short Goodwill post!


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I found two cute things at Goodwill today! I thought I would make just a quick little post about it!

I'm so excited to finally be finding some blue glass for my blue and green room! Yes I will always love green glass the most, but I always wanted green and blue and it is nice to finally be finding so blue glass!
This vase is so tiny and cute!
It was .99 centsthe color of the week was red so I got it for .49 cents!

I have been eying (is this spelled right?) this little spice rack for a while! Too cute!
Am I going to use it for spices? Of course not. lol.
I cam going to use it to organize some of my huge buttons collection!
oh and Im painting it right now. so it will match my decor in my crafty room.
it was:
and I thought that was waaaay too much for this little guy so I waited and got him at half off when the color was red and I got him for $3. yay!
I'll post this again once Im done with it!

Dont forget you can email me your thrifty, or clearance finds all this month for my September compiled blog post! Email me at: with the link to your post and put your subject line as "Look at my great deals!" or something to that effect so it grabs my attention! I have already gotten some great emails! So join in! It will be fun!

Happy shopping!


  1. My parents have some blue and green glass. I think we have some in our garage (not sure what color). Maybe I should go through it and see if I like anything. If I find things I like maybe I could put them on a shelf somewhere in my house. I am not sure what room I would do this in though? I never thought about it, but it really does make a cute decoration. I think you would have a field day finding stuff in our house to reuse for craft projects.

  2. That spice rack is totally adorable!

  3. Love, love, love the spice rack! Wish I had gotten to the Goodwill before you did - LOL.

  4. My mom loves blue things, too. She has an entire hutch pretty much devoted to blue glasses, china, etc. Its really pretty.

    BTW, you should check out the Clarins treatment, or try to get a sample of it. Its really amazing!

  5. Oh yeah love the spice rack. Great finds.

  6. I'm liking the spice rack! I probably wouldn't use it for spices either.

  7. Our goodwills never have anything like this!

  8. I LOVE GOODWILL!!! I did a post back in December I think about some vintage jewelry I found at one of our local ones. 1.99 per piece and I think I spent 30.00!!! I got some of the bestest stuff ever!!! I will try and find the post and send you the link!!

  9. Very nice!! Love the blue glass AND the spice rack!

  10. What a great idea for organizing buttons!

    Love it!

  11. I really like the blue glass and think it will look so nice with all of the green. I cannot wait to see how your new button organizer turns out!

  12. I think I can really get into the blue glass! But I really need to get some things decluttered first! Great finds, love checking out your stuff :)

  13. Just found your blog thru Garage Sale Gal and a comment you made on her post! I thought I WAS the queen of clearance:) Love your finds from the Goodwill store! Can't wait to see the spice rack aka button holder! Have a blessed day!

  14. Wonderful finds!! I love blue too! And that spice rack is perfect for buttons, great idea!

  15. What great finds! The blue glass is beautiful!


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