Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School info, and recent deals!


School starts in 6 days. I'm super nervous, don't ask why. I just always get this way! I have to take the Praxis test this Sat. I'm super nervous about that too! I'm just a big ball of nerves right now, I'm probably no fun to be around. Sadly I know that once school starts back up these post will be fewer and far between. I am just warning you now. I just don't have as much time or money to shop during the school year. I would look for a post on here once a week and that one post will probably fall on the weekend. If I have more time to shop and to post, or course I will, but my goal is to post at least once a week. And of course I will try my best to keep up with your blogs!

On to some recent deals:

I got this on the Clearance rack at michael's for 47 cents!
It's lime green :) I loooove lime green!
plus thats one of the colors of my kitchen!

Loved this cupcake print fabric! It was too cute!
Same print is at my local fabric store for 7 or 8 dollars.
I got it for $2 (a yard that is) at walmart. The walmart in the town over is the only one around with a fabric section still. They are slowly clearancing it all out and getting rid of it, it makes me sad to see it go, but happy to get it for so cheap!
The polka dot print were $1 a yard! so exciting.
I got two yards of ribbon
1/2 yard of the three different polka dotted fabric
and 1 yard of cupcake print for 4.18
not too bad!
Last but not least. My blogging friend Kathie over at My Net Finds
knew how much I loved cute little birds and she told me about this pair of cute salt shakers
at Pier One Imports. She also knows Im cheap, so she pointed them out for their great $3 price tag! No clearance, no sale, just $3 all the time!
What a great deal, and a great buy!
They look so cute on my table!

Have a great week!


  1. i'm jealous of your salt shakers! $3?! ADORABLE!!!!

  2. Cute birds and I'm in luuuuve with the cupcake fabric!

  3. Cute little birds and cupcake fabric! Good luck on your test and the school year. Don't be nervous. Remember this: Joshua 1:9

    "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go."

  4. Love the fabrics and the price! Sweet little birds and don't you worry about not blogging! We'll be happy to hear from you when you can blog and how you are doing at school:) Don't be nervous, you'll be just fine!

    Your far away shopping buddy!

  5. Very cute!! How much longer do have in school? You will do awesome so don't stress about this weekend!!

  6. Now we'll just appreciate your awesome posts even more!!! love the fabric, so cute :-) Good luck with school, don't be nervous, but I know I would be too ;-)

    the birdies look fantastic!

  7. I love the bird s&p shakers! Pier One is awesome for that kind of stuff. I also really like the cupcake fabric. I hope you can make something cute with it!

  8. Ohhh I am so sorry about your nerves!! I remember that feeling all too well!

    You found some more wonderful things! I lovet he cupcake fabric, that is too cute!

  9. Looks like some good buys and the little white birds have been all over blogland :)
    Good luck with you test and enjoy school. Posting when you can is great...
    Deb :)

  10. Great finds!

    Love those birds too. Stop by and check out the new birds I posted from other Etsy shops I love. I think you might like them too!

  11. I'm nervous for school to start up as well, how much longer do you have? It's my last year (eek!) so I feel like I really have to step it up. Good luck on your test on Saturday! Oh and those little birds are adorable! I'm so glad you posted about them, I want to rush over to Pier 1 and scoop them up!


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