Friday, August 21, 2009

Painted post!


So I posted earlier about how to get a free quart of Gidden paint sent to you in the mail. I got their white linen paint sent to me because I had a few things I needed to paint white for our craft room. So here are some before and afters!

Remember this?

It was from a post a while ago! It was 5.99 and I got it for 2.99 half off at Goodwill.
It caught my attention because of the owls, and I wanted to save them, but they just didn't make it through the painting process! Here is what it looks like now:

It's holding my scrapbook paper. I have 100s of sheets of scrapbook paper.....and I don't scrapbook. I think I am nuts!
I do use it quite often for other things though. I just found such a good deal and then I was over whelmed by all that scrapbook paper and I had no where to put it! Glad I found this magazine rack to hold it all!
Ok. So remember this little spice rack?
Well I was going to paint it and use it as a button holder...right?

Looks good right!? I loved it. until I realized it only holds about 1/100th of my button collection. boo :( I was so sad. I didn't know how many buttons I had! Well the next day my friend gave me something to use for a button holder (I will show it to you in a later post!)
So now it holds...Glitter! And because of it being a spice rack and having holes on top like a salt shaker, I can shake out the glitter on to my projects! It's perfect! It shakes just the right amount of glitter out!
Then I bought this cute little owl! She is concrete! She is super heavy!
My friend Jen was unsure of her cuteness, but I told her once I painted her she would be super cute! So I did paint her and check her out!
Do you like her?
I love her...but I always regret painting things once I do!
Does she look better white? Should I have kept her concrete color?

So that is all of my painting I have been doing recently. Done any Painting lately?


  1. Don't feel bad about scrapbook paper. I kinda went on a scrapbook spree a couple months ago. I bought...A LOT. But I did buy an actual scrapbook too...but do you think I've touched it yet!?? No...of course not. ON my TO DO list.

    I like all your painting projects and especially the glitter 'spices' ha ha....I need one of those for ALL my glitter.

    And yes to answer your question, I have been on a painting streak lately. (Have you seen my FB lately?...lots o' stuff on there...hasn't made its way to Blogger yet)

    I think you should paint the owl...I know you would make it look great.

    Enjoy your weekend~

  2. Whoops...I read it wrong...I thought it was NOT painted...yikes. Don't kill me Queen...I just saw it WHITE and thought it wasn't finished...

    Um...SORRY. It does look good white though. Maybe you should add some glitter...j/k

  3. my grandma collected owls and her house is full of them....literally, thousands everywhere! I like the glitter spice rack. :-)

  4. oh yeah, I have a big list of stuff to paint....2 shelves, 4 picture boxes, a mail sorter thing for the wall...

  5. I love your all your painted projects. I like the glitter better in those jars then the buttons so I think it worked out perfectly! And I like the owl best white I think. It's super cute :)

  6. wow, an owl fanatic. Nice. My grandma useto collect them also.. lol. Wow, love the site. I love how you make things look new. My mom useto buy beat up stuff all the time in good will and thrift stores just to make them new again. Will continue to read up on you. love this.

  7. Got a little scrapbook paper addiction?! Wheather you use it or not, it looks super cute in the freshly painted magazine rack. Great use of the spice rack. My daughter would LOVE to come and play with your glitter! Oh the mess she would make :) I like the owl painted, but that's just my humble opinion. :)

  8. love that owl even in white although you can see the details in the concrete color. You put that paint to good use girl.

  9. Love your freshly painted goodies! I do like the owl better white, shows up much better! Can't wait to see what you did with the spice rack, I like the glitter idea:) I also have lots of scrapbook paper that I use for everything else. It is stored in a rolling cart which works well for me. When I am ready to use it, I just roll the cart to my work table! Ok, I am rambling:) Have a blessed day! My paint projects are lined up-gotta get busy:)

  10. It is amazing what paint can do. The white looks beautiful. Everything looks great especially the owl! So cute now, i love it!

  11. Nice blog! Check out ours whenever you want! We invite you to follow it.

  12. love it all! i so love to repaint GW finds!!

  13. I love your painted glitter rack! It looks great! And what a great idea because it shakes out! I think the the owl looks cute too!


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