Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Best Thrifty Find Ever.

Here is the best thrifty find I have ever found!vintage 1970s Samsonite.
It is amazing and awesome.
I liked it because it matched my decor. I had no idea what I got my hands on at all.
They sell on ebay all the time for 30-80 dollars.
I paid $5 for it at a goodwill.
My husband is convinced we should try to sell it on Ebay.
He doesn't understand why I don't want to part with it if it will make us money :)
Men! (eye roll)
I love this so much! Im not sure I could ever give it up!

What is your favorite thrifty find of all time?
Could you part with it to make a profit?

Happy Shopping!


  1. That is friggin' adorable!!! I love the pattern!

  2. HOW CUTE is this? I LOVE it, Lucky You!

    I've just posted about a Gas & Groceries Giveaway over at my blog; don't know if you have this store in your area, but come over and check it out to see!

  3. I love it! My hubby would say the same thing and not understand why I want to hang onto "stuff"

  4. I don't blame you for not wanting to sell it. It's waaaaaaay too cute! And only $5? SHUTUP! :)

  5. That is adorable. That design is groovy girl! When that comes through baggage claim - you don't have any doubt it is yours. I love it. Don't sell it for one second, and if you do -tell me first! Ha! $5 well spent!

  6. what a cute little suitcase! they sure don't make 'em like that anymore, do they :)

    ...and yes, yellow is my fav!

  7. Too cute! I would for sure hold on to it.

  8. What more can I say. But I am in love and can understand why you wouldn't want to let it go!

  9. I love it! I have sold a few on ebay, they do bring good money... but I've never sold one as fabulous as yours!!! Keep it!!! You can always sell it down the road if you want.
    Great find,

  10. That is just darling!! I love the black and white :)

  11. love it! its too cute; don't sell it! i found an antique glove box (for ladies gloves) from probably the early 1900's at Goodwill for $0.50! i gave it to my mom; she researched it and they can sell for up to a couple hundred dollars!!!

  12. Don't sell it! You will probably not find it again for such a good price.
    My best buy was a first edition graphic novel which I bought for 2 euro at a fleamarket. So not going to sell it even though I could probably get lots more for it. It's from my favourite graphic novel series Blake and Mortimer.

  13. How cute!! I have to admit, I would be tempted to sell it on ebay too, I am addicted to selling on ebay, lol.

  14. i would never get rid of this! your husband is crazy! lol men just don't get it!

  15. That is seriously so cute and I love the pattern! I think you should definitely keep it. I don't think you'll find a deal like that again. The men in our lives don't understand ;)

  16. That's really cute. I love the pattern too. I love black & white.

  17. Thanks for coming to your blog. I like your blog too. You've got a knack for finding amazing bags!
    I've signed up as a follower.
    "Buy buy" for now,
    Erin Toronto Yard Sale Snoop

  18. Major Awesome find! I wouldn't want to part with it either, and to think you managed to find it for only $5! How sweet is that!?!


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