Monday, July 20, 2009

CVS,Goodwill, Hobby Lobby, Oh my!


So ready for some recent clearance deals? Remember that 80% home decor at Hobby Lobby? Well it went 90% off and I had to go check it out! They still have tons of stuff left. I only picked up one thing, and it was this:
It is actually a really big basket....What should I do with it? hmm?
it was 1.40
Walked into Goodwill.
there sat this box ^
They always put the color of the week stuff up there...but never furniture before!
I practically ran over there.
We have been looking for a desk for our office/craft room for a while.this was the picture on the box.
The tag said 49.99
so at half off that would be $25 for a new desk from target?
I ripped off the tag and skipped with happiness up to the register.
They loaded it in my car for me (bless them, because I couldn't lift it!)
I came home and put it together...
We love it! It's perfect!
you can find it here at
new in the box (just like mine was new in the box) for $99
Seriously! I feel like I got such a great deal!ahhhh...I love the day I started to understand the CVS deals.
I got:
2- 150 loose leaf college rule paper packs
2- Mini notebooks
1- 24 count pack of pencils
1-Pack of CVS pantyliners
1- Air freshener
1- Gallon of milk
1-bag of chex mix (don't get me started)
2- 1 inch binders
2- packs of pens
1- 24 pack of CVS bottled water( not pictured...still in the car trunk)


now let me tell you something important. DO NOT TAKE YOUR HUSBAND TO CVS WITH YOU WHEN YOU GET YOUR CVS DEALS :)

You will walk out with a bag of 2 dollar chex mix that was not on your list.
Also if your husband is like my husband he will be embarrassed by your coupons
and your ebcs (which is nuts....because your getting such a good deal, what is there to be embarrassed about?)
So my total would have been $2.21 without him and his chex mix which would have made me happy :)
but $4.21 make me happy too and the husband is happy to have his chex mix!

and I got my $18 in extra care bucks so that next weeks will be free too :)
Oh happy day!

Happy Shopping!

Up next?:
Ohio Salvation Army.
Only 2 more post left in the Ohio trip series!


  1. That's a great looking desk! I can't believe you got it so cheap too. Let the hubby have his Chex might have to ask him to put something else together, LOL

  2. My husband is the one who goes to CVS! :-) and I would have been the one to get the Chex mix-lol.

  3. I have a sick obsession with Hobby Lobby and Target. Seriously. I need to be bammed from those stores...and it's only worse now that I'm planning my wedding.

    P.S. My wedding colors are dark red, gold, and chocolate brown (mostly for accent).

  4. Shoot...bammed should be banned. Haha!

  5. You are the best shopper I know. Seriously.

    And I LOVE that desk!!! I can't believe you found that at Goodwill! Ridiculous.

  6. Great deals! Awesome find with that desk! And the husband will get over it, mine did :) He even takes coupons with him to the store now!

  7. WOW - I am so jealous of your desk!! I'm also envious that you understand the CVS thing cause I don't think I ever will!!!

  8. I love you desk. Great deal. Your basket is so pretty. I now want to go to our hobby lobby

  9. I can understand why he wanted the Chex Mix. looks tasty, is it pork free?

  10. I love my CVS extracare card too! I just like getting the extra bucks back. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby nearby, but we don't. I really like the basket and maybe you could use that for a picnic or something like that.

    I love the new deck from Target! What a steal :)

  11. arrrrggghhh I need to figure out the CVS!!!! I will get it soon!!!

  12. I want to go shopping now find some great deals like these. Love that table and the price!

    Finally got a CVS card yesterday. You were right about going on Sunday because it was only Monday and all the pens (I was going to start off with something small) were all sold out!! Crazy!

  13. I love your blog...(new follower)
    here is my life...
    Small town, IA.... NO CVS, Hobby Lobby is an hour away.... and our Goodwill NEVER runs sales or specials........ sniffle.
    But- Target and Wallgreens are 27 minutes away! :)
    Love your desk! You're my hero!

  14. From one QUEEN to another...just wanted to tell you that your blog is cool! I read so much about the GREAT CVS DEALS....I have no idea wht it is all about! If you ever feel the need to explain it...shoot me an email:



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