Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just want to make sure!


I just wanted to post a quick post! Sorry for lack of posting lately but we have been out of town!

I just wanted everyone to go look at the give away post and take a look at the comments. Make sure that all of your entries are there and ready to go for the drawing tomorrow!

If some one said that you referred them to my blog I left a comment under "the queen of clearance" with your name or your blog name. So go check and make sure that I didn't forget or over look one of the entries that you deserve!

If your referral blogger left a separate note saying you referred I didn't need to put one for you but if they left a comment to win and your referral all in one comment then I did make separate comments for your chances!

I hope this makes sense because I kind of feel like it doesn't!

I will draw tomorrow after 8pm, So that gives you 24 hours to go check and make sure there are not any mistakes on my part for the referral comments!

So, there will be a post tomorrow about the winner of the giveaway and new post sometime this week about a cute cupcake change purse I made!

Good luck to everyone who entered the giveaway!


  1. so it's about time isn't it???!?!
    greetings from Jakarta Indonesia :)
    i like your blog here...
    draw something? i'm waiting...

    btw.. i hope you don't mind if you change your blog comment setting here to 'anyone can give a comment'... it's more easier to other to give you some feedback.. thnx in advance :)

  2. this is my first time to visit. what a fun blog! :) found you thru roots and wings blog. :)

  3. Hi, guess what? You were one of the winners of our first giveaway! Email me your contact info so I can send you your prize. ( Congrats!!

  4. oooh, I can't wait to see the change purse!


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