Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodwill Finds, and Free Paint!


One of my favorite blogs Frugal and Fabulous posted a link to Here. All you have to do in go to the link and tell them what color of paint you want and they send you a free quart in any color! Remember the owl magazine rack from a free entries back? Well it is getting painted with this free paint! Hurry up while supplies last and get your free quart of paint!

Now onto today's eventful Goodwill trip!
This is a Wilton 4 peice cookie cutter set.
Paid: .99
Everything with a black tag was 50% of this!Brand new old navy jeans! Still had the tags!
They were 5.99 but I got 50% off...
so 3.00!
This platter was just so darn cute! I have no clue what I am going to do with it! any ideas?
It is just sooo cute! Its on the smaller side too. I think this picture can be deceiving and make it look like its bigger, but It is a little smaller than a loaf of bread.
As you can see it was 3.99 and it is black so It was 50% off
So I got it for $2
Don't tell goodwill, but I would have probably bought it for 4 dollars.
It is so cute and I have never seen anything quite like it! :)A pillow case. To put in my fabric tub!
In case you havent notice, thrift stores are my fav for frabic!
sheets/pillow cases/ etc.
this was .99 but it was black so it was .50
this skirt was so cute! it is a little long so I am going to shorten it and see if it looks alright.
if not..Then it will become scrap fabric I guess!
it was originally 46.00 where ever it is from!
Then is went on sale for 23.00
Then Some one shipped it to goodwill having never been worn!
I got it for 3.99This is a cute wall art that I picked up from hobby lobby.
I went there today to pick up some felt for upcoming projects and they were having
80% of all home accents. I was thrilled!
They had 5 rows of 80% off stuff!
I only let meself get this wall art but I really wanted to get a few other things including a pillow
that was so cute! for only$3 but I walked away from it. :)
was 14.99 got it for $3

Well that is all for today!

Happy Shopping!


  1. great stuff! :-)

  2. Okay, all of those finds are awesome, but I really love the platter!!!! I need one of those and never thought to look for one at Goodwill (duh!). I promptly ordered my free paint after reading this. What color did you pick? I picked Daffodil and am going to paint a step stool I recently acquired. Oh, and I found a couple clothing bargains I hope to blog about next week (I immediately thought about how proud you would be of me!)

  3. Ahh, that was such a great shopping trip! I love that platter.

  4. Nice job! I have those Wilton cookie cutters :) I bought them for my Valentine's Day extravaganza and made heart shaped pancakes for Michael... I certainly did not get them for as cheap as you did though. Boo that.

    And I love EVERYTHING you bought. Seriously. Especially that platter... adorable! I guess now you have an excuse to always have it filled with cookies or something else delicious :)

  5. Those are the exact same Old Navy jeans I wear all the time!

  6. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I know what you mean, I get that way when I see someones thrifty stuff. I always think, "why can't I find that HERE!!" My GW is soooo expensive, so I think I am rightly jealous of those who find amazing things for less than $5! :) lol

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. I have the same glass platter and I use it on my dresser in my bedroom for perfume and a place to put my watch and rings when I take them off. Off to read more of your blog now.


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