Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gift closet.....and CVS deals!

These are just a few recent deals that my mom and I found on the clearance rack at CVS.
50cent dress socks. My mom is a sucker for dress socks :)

Next is some minderal eyeshadow!
Yes you are reading that right :) 19cents. Its probably thebest deal I have ever gotten.
It says that is reduces eye irritation because it is made with minerals. I've been using it a lot and so far so good!

Next is some Easter stuff we found on clearance there. I know its June...So what so I want Easter stuff for? I have come across a lot of people who just don't understand buying Christmas, Easter and other holiday items once the holiday is over. What if it is not good by the time you want to use it? Why not wait until next year? What if I lose it some where in my house and can't find it when I need it?

Well I learned from the best(my mom), so here are my tips for seasonal clearance:

1. The gift closet.
My mom and I each have one. It is a closet full of gifts. Mine is a little bit more organized than my moms but shes had hers for many more years than I have so maybe that is why. It is simply just a closet that is dedicated to keeping our deals, gifts, and seasonal buys in order. I have mine it plastics totes and they are labeled and I can find any gift or decoration in 5 minutes flat. So find an area in your house that you can dedicate to just your deals, because if you don't, THEY WILL GET LOST, trust me, I have seen many deals go missing in my moms house, only to be found two years later.

2. Expiration dates.
These are important when seasonal shopping. Make sure you always check them before buying. No one wants stale candy for Christmas! If there is no expiration date, and you aren't using it soon, then don't buy it.

3. Why buy off season? Why not wait until next christmas to buy that christmas tree skirt that you need?
Christmas tree skirts (just for example) at target were 20-75 dollars this last Christmas season. The one I wanted was 50 dollars. I wanted until after Christmas and got it for 5 dollars. So why buy it after the season? Is saving 45 dollars not enough reason for you?

I know to a lot of people keeping a closet and orginaizing your deals just seems like a lot of work to them, but seriously once you get a system that works for you, its no work at all. I dont even think about it anymore, it just second hand to take my deals and put them in their right plastic tote. Once things become second nature they are no longer work, just habit!

Here are the Easter deals we got!
These are so cute!9 cents :)
These are so cute too! There are 4 bag/boxes in the package. My mom is going to use them to put candy in for the neighborhood children that she always makes little things for, for holidays.

29 cents!

Ok that is all for now! More soon!

Up next: How to turn a skirt and a belt into a purse!

Happy shopping!


  1. I have a gift closet as well. I don't think it's hard work at all! It's actually easy because you organize it as you buy stuff, it's not like it's all done at one time! Plus, it's easier to have things on hand than have to get a gift last minute because that never works out always happens when you're busy with other stuff. Just my opinion :-)

  2. Those are some good tips (and good bargains!)...we have a Walgreens on every corner but are just getting a CVS...exciting!

  3. A gift closet is such a fabulous idea!!

  4. $.19 for the eyeshadow! That is insane. I have a gift closet and love shopping post-season deals. I should get my closet better organzied though. The bins are a great idea :)

  5. Hi, I just became a follower. Great blog idea! I LOVE clearance SOOO much too. I am always trying to find the very best clearance (and marked down dirt cheap) stuff. It's a passion! I found out about your blog through Good Mourning Glory. I have 2 blogs, but the one that I usually talk about my great deals/clearance stuff is Through Eve's Looking-Glass. Won't you stop by sometime & say HELLO.

    Take care~Eve
    And keep on getting great deals!!!

  6. Hi again. I read your comment on my blog post (thanks btw) and you said you're following me now, but you aren't showing up as a follower. Just wanted to let you know.

    I'm really glad to have 'found' you because I used to be really excited to show off my clearance/marked down finds. And I think a lot of people thought I had this endless supply of money (and one follower/friend even told me I was a shopaholic). I'd like to call it something like sales-aholic or clearance-aholic, right!??

    I actually found a great deal at Meijer this morning-you have those in Indiana? I will post about that soon. All my clearance/sales finds are under my TOPIC called SALES. If you ever wanna check out my deals.

    Thanks again & take care.~


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