Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Felt Ornaments.


I have been working my little finger to death lately! I know that when Christmas time comes this year, I will be very bogged down with school work, I have a very heavy schedule this fall semester. So I am trying to get some things for Christmas out fo the way this summer. Crazy right?

Well last year I made everyone in my family ornaments. I have a great aunt who use to make everyone homemade ornaments and I enjoyed receiving them so much every year! Now that I am older I have 15- 20 ornanments that she has made me over the years, and they are all on my tree!

I want to start the tradition as well! Last years ornaments that I made were sort of ugly :) They were very pretty on the tree and they way the light bounce off of them, but off the tree they were not so cute!

But this year, they will blow my family away! I have been working hard on them all week, and I bring to you my first round of felt ornaments!

This one is for my father. He loves his Scottish Terrier dog. So I made him one into a felt ornament!

I put his dogs name (kirby) and the year on the back.
I made the penguin for myself. I love penguins.
I just sketched him out on a piece of paper and made my own pattern.
(thinking of posting the pattern for my readers. If anyone is interested please leave a comment and I will see about posting it on a later date)
This is an alligator for one of my friends. She loooves alligators.
I looked at a picture of an alligator and then made my own pattern from it.

This is a donut.
I love it :)
This is my own pattern at well!
Love this one! Do the ornaments look familiar?
They are the brads from my dollar bin 50% at target post!
I just pushed them through the felt and they are perfect!
I even used a star brad for the top! I got those on clearance at the craft store
They will be in a post soon.
The monkey is one of my favorites! It is too cute!
It is for my friend who loves monkeys!
This is a nintendo star! It is of course for the husband!
He saw me making it and he practically shouted "Is that a Nintendo star!??"snowman! At first he had no scarf, but he looked so plain so I added it on!

All of these were hand made by me with my own patterns, or by looking at a picture and trying to draw it.

They cost me about 3 cents a piece to make.
If you make any I would love to see them! So let me know in the comment section if you do!

Happy crafting!


  1. Great idea...and I think your family/friends will appreciate the time & most of all, the thought. Awww, Kirby is cute. But my FAVE has got to be the donut-it looks really great. (and uh, I heart donuts, but ssshhh on that one!)

  2. These are pretty darn cute! I love the donut too... it's my favorite one. I think the Christmas tree is really cute too... well, they all are.

    Good job!

  3. These are fantastic! I bet your family will love them...and hooray for you for getting these done early! I'm a teacher, so I definitely understand the craziness of Fall.

  4. how adorable!!! my fave is the terrier! :-)

  5. what an awesome gift too. my husband's aunt's idea of a good homemade x-mas gift is to throw a bunch of cotton balls in an old mason jar and put a ribbon on top. I've gotten that 2 times now. lol

  6. These are so adorable and I am sure that everyone will love them. Hats off to you for making your own patterns and creating these. I love the Scotty cute!

  7. Do you think I could commission you to make a wiener dog?

  8. You are so good, already making your ornaments to give out in June. I always think I'm going to make all my gifts in the summer but it never happens.

    The Scottie dog and doughnut are my favorite. But really, they're all cute.


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