Monday, June 29, 2009

Etsy Store, and Clearance Round Up!


So I have been thinking about opening an Etsy store for a while now. My whole premise is to sell my little crafty items at a clearance price. When most people might sell a little felt ornament for $5 on Etsy I want to sell mine for $2. Where people sell coupon holders for $12 I want to sell mine for $4 dollars. I'm really actually nervous about opening my store, I'm not sure why. I think I'm afraid of failure! But I am going to just go for it! I am currently working on things to fill my store with! I have a new and improved version of the cupcake puncushion/tape measurer($8) to put up, I have 5 different designs for coupon holders($4), Twilight scabble titles ($2), cute soap bars ($1), a magnent set ($1.50), many felt ornaments ($2), and I am currently working on little felt pillow buddies ($4). I really am trying hard to finish up and get everything posted, but it might still take another couple of weeks. I look forward to opening the store and I just wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and support they have given me in influencing me to open the store!

Ok, enough about that! On to the clearance deals!
Scrapbook paper at Joann Fabric store for .10 cents a peice.

Brads! I have a new love for brads! Also some chipboard (I think its called)
.50 cents each. Joann Fabrics.

just a close up of the price!
This candy mold was just too cute!
I always buy these things and think they will be cute to use at my non exsistant child's birthday party some day! (man I want kids too much!)
I might be able to use them now for something else though...right? :)
.99 cents at Michaels craft store!ahhh! .23 cent clearance basket at Michaels. I practically drooled when I saw this.
Who ever heard of a Michaels .23 cent clearance baasket? not me!
(note cards, magnet, and a flower magnet)I love the Michael's sunday ad!
I always wanted these scissors, they cut paper in
zig zags, and scalloped edges. they are 1.99 normally
I just couldn't talk myself into it. but a few weeks ago they were in the ad 2/$1
.50 cents a peice!?? Are they nuts?
should have cost me $16 dollars.
Really cost me $4 dolllars!
Everything in this picture was .50 cents!
Also notice those cupcake things I showed you earlier?
They were from the $1 rack but everything on there was 50% off so I got them for .50 cents.
I know how much every one liked them, So they are going to be part of my next giveaway!

(The next giveaway is at 40 follwers or my 100th entry!)

Happy shopping!


  1. Very cool deals!

    And good luck with the etsy store! :) While most things are fairly priced on there, some are just outrageous! lol It would definitely be nice to see some afforable cute crafts on there...

  2. You'll do great with your store! I agree with you about some of the pricing...some of it can be a bit ridiculous!

    Awesome deals as always :-)

  3. I'm thinking about doing an Etsy store too, but I've got a lot of painting to do before then... I am nervous too, but really there is nothing to lose! And I'm sure you'll have some sales, so that will be exciting!! Maybe I'll buy something from you :)

  4. Great deals as always!

    Good luck if you decide to open a shop. Oh & I think you asked on one of my posts if I have sold anything yet & sadly no. But I didn't really expect to sell anything ASAP. I don't have much up so that's probably part of it. (I just did a post with the same amount of items in my shop...just gotta add 'em now to ETSY.)

    Yeah, I've chatted with peeps and some have sold stuff fast and some have been on for many months & haven't sold anything. It's sad because there's some really great art/crafts out there. (It's kinda just hit or miss in a way.)

    I guess it's all about getting YOUR NAME (or your shop's name) out there. I just made business cards & plan to pass 'em out to peeps that I think may be interested. (and blogging about making your arts/crafts probably helps a bit too!-just a guess)

    Yeah, just GO for it! Someone told me to just stop trying to make more & more art & just try to sell what I have (kinda a kick in the butt!)...and I took her advice & I'm very happy I did!

    Take care Queen~

  5. This sounds like a great idea. The prices sound great! I started an Etsy shop (ShanasShop) almost a year about and I love it. It was slow at first but I have learned so much!
    Do you have a name yet? Let me know when you have your shop open. Good Luck!

  6. wow...those are awesome finds!! i can't wait for that etsy shop of yours!

  7. You are the Queen of Clearance! Can't wait to see your shop!

  8. You got some awesome crafty finds there!

    Coming from an Etsy buyer perspective, I would be wary of pricing your items too low. One, if you price them too low, you won't be making back the money spent on supplies or paying yourself for the time spent working on the items. You should price your items so that you get a fair wage.
    Two, I often won't buy from Etsy sellers if I think they're underpricing their items, because it says to me that they don't really value their work enough, and that the quality might not be as good.

    All that being said, I encourage you to go for it. Etsy is a lot of fun!

  9. I agree with DIANA btw. I had a hard time (am still having a hard time) pricing my things. ETSY does charge you...though it's not A LOT...still you want to make SOMETHING off it.

    I wanted to tell you what she said but I didn't want you to get sad...:(...but it's true. If you sell it for what you spend on it, it doesn't even out and you deserve something (again) for your effort & time, right?


  10. That is such a great idea! I would love to see you open a shop. Since you find great deals on a lot of thing you can keep the price cheap. When you open a esty shop tell me I would love to do a blog post about it.


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