Monday, June 15, 2009

Clearance deals round up!


It seems like a while since I posted my clearance deals, So I am saving my product review for next time, and putting up some recent clearance deals today!

So we all know the target dollar section right? Well my favorite thing is when they put that section 50% or 75% off! I went the other day and it was 50% off and these are the things I got for 50 cents each!

love scrapbook paper!
Love clear stamps! I just started using them...but I love them so much!
I have a new love for brads. I didn't think this was such a great deal, but something told me to buy them, And I am glad that I did because soon you will see what I made with them and they were perfect!I couldnt get this to come out not blurry. But it is a little plastic container that is divided into sections. It currently holds all of my brads! It's perfect!this little storage container is holding nothing as of now..have any ideas on what it could hold?

Next are some deals I found the same day at Walmart:
Im in love with craft punches now too! They are expensive sometimes though.
This was was on clearance. Normally almost 8 dollars, The package was damaged so it was 3.50
It works perfectly well!these were almost 4 dollars. I got them for $1.
They would be perfect for a baby shower.
If only one of my friends would have a baby now!
Walmart's Tiki party supplies were all on clearance!
I bought these leis because they were 29 cents.
I thought I would cut them up and use them as embellishments on cards
or some other crafts!
I caved in and brought more! I brought blue ones this time because my kitchen is blue and green! These plates are perfect! 4 for a $1. If you have kids I suggest picking them up! even if you don't have children pick them up if you are like me and don't like your food touching each other!cute paper lantern! 79 cents.

Can't find the receipt for these! Guess you will just have to take my word for it!

Happy shopping!


  1. I love paper lanterns! There are some cute Martha Stewart ones in the wedding section (they don't look too weddingish, so they could be used for anything I think) at Walmart that are adorable, but more than I want to spend on them...too bad it's not Target in the clearance aisle! :-)

  2. No trip to Target is complete without stopping at the dollar section! Congrats on your steals. I do love bargains!!

  3. Great scores...especially on the scrapbook stuff and I really like the leis-I would've got those also! I also really like the plates you got. They look very durable!

    Our Target Dollar Section is pretty sucky right now...but I know what you mean when stuff goes to 50-75% off, then I'm all over it. Especially at 75%...BUT you gotta get their before everyone picks through it. That's the key to getting really good deals I think!

    Take care.~

  4. I have NEVER EVER seen our Target $1 on clearance and I am there like every other day... I think you just live in some sort of magical clearance world. I don't get it :)

    I have so much of that Target scrapbook paper though... it really is a good deal, and the paper is pretty cute.

  5. just wanted to say I love your blog! keep finding the good deals and sharing! :)


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