Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cheap Wall Art!


So today I crafted up a storm. My husband and I decided to stay in this weekend and do nothing! While that is great, and we watched a movie together, and took a nap together, and watched the newest episode of Haper's Island over a late night pizza.... I still needed to catch up on the crafts that I have bought the supplies for, but have not had enough time to actually do! So today I did three crafts and over the next three days I will be posting them!

So today I am going to post my favorite one! Wall art! I had no idea what to call this but my friendly, trusted Joann fabric girl asked me what I was making when I bought that fabric I tried to explain it to her and she called it "Wall art!" So wall art it is!

First I want to tell you the cheap way to get fabric. If you aren't getting fabric this way, you are totally cutting your self short. Go to and I'm sure there are more but these are the three around me that I frequently shop at. Anyways, go to their websites and sign up to receive their emails! This is how I NEVER pay full price for anything to do with crafting...EVER.

Once a week Michael's and Joann's will send you coupons in your email box. I have a long list of things I want to try and craft so I once a week I take my coupons and go to both stores and buy something with my coupon that could help me with these crafts. Normally the coupons are any where from 40%-50% off of a single regular price item and sometimes they send you other ones along with them. They are very helpful in getting crafts done for cheap.

Hobby Lobby does not send them to your email (as far as I know) but they do have a coupon link and they have a different one every week on their website. Sometimes it is a good coupon and sometimes it is not at all, but something off is better than nothing if there is something you HAVE TO buy.

So that is my little guide to getting cheaper craft supplies. Also if you shop at Michael's they more often times then not print you out a 40% off coupon on the end of your reciept as well. Now I will tell you how I got 3 wall arts done for under 10 dollars.

First about a yer ago I was at a thrift store and there was this:
So They had 3 of these. They are just ordinary paint canvases that someone painted on themselves. It looks good from far away but from close up its a mess. They say Live well. Laugh often. Love much. They were 2.50 in a bundle for all three. They have been sitting in my closet now for over a year waiting for something special to come of them. Today was their day!

I went to Joann's with my 50% off of one cut of a fabric two times. Once one week, and once another week that they sent me one. The fabric I liked was 7 dollars a yard. It takes a 1/2 a yard to cover these frames. so that is 3.50 a piece. I got 50% of of that so they were 1.75 a piece for fabric. so for both is was 3.50 for the fabric. A good price if you ask me :)

So all you do it line up the fabric and pull it as tight as you can without ripping the fabric. I wanted to use metal push pins, but I did not have any, and we had a pact to stay indoors today, So I just used my cork board push pins and they worked just as well:
This is from the back and what it looks like. These next ones are what they look like when that are finished!This is the blue on hanging up in the bathroom.

This is the green one that is not yet hanging up! I'm so proud of them! They took less than an hour to make the two. I'm going to make the third one, I have the fabric and everything for it, I just don't feel like making it today! Anyways here's the run down!

2.50 for 3 frames.
3.50 for fabric
free push pins on hand

total: 6 dollars for 2 wall arts

for all three it would cost: 7.75!

This post is way too long! But I hope it inspires someone to make their own cheap wall art!

Happy Crafting!


  1. I am so so happy to have found your blog thru Dollarstore crafts and I am with you on the clearance shopping. I really do hate paying full retail for stuff I want. I am loving the name of your blog too.

  2. Very nice!!! :-)


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