Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recent Clearance Deals.

Hello all!

Sorry about the delay in entries but school as been hectic!

So I am obsessed with Twilight. I know it's a little too young for me, but my friends and I just can't seem to stop ourselves. So we went to Walmart at 11pm on Friday night in hopes of getting our DVD.

The line was already wrapped around the store so we decided to do some shopping and just wait until midnight, once the line had died down, to get our DVD. We naturally assumed they would have enough for everyone, boy were we wrong.

But, anyways, while we were waiting, I of course clearance shopped. Walmart is not the best for clearance stuff. They do not tend to mark their stuff down as fast or as low as....well, target :) Target marks their stuff down quickly and I can often get it for 75%- 90% off, just depending on how long I wait to buy something.

I was shocked to see actually good clearance deals there this weekend though! So below are pictures of my deals! I was overly excited about the whole thing!

What tween girl ages 5-13 doesn't love Hannah Montana? I've never met one, and my friend's 8 year old daughter is no different. I snagged this on my Walmart trip for her daughter for...

A dollar! As you may or may not be able to see it was 9 dollars, so I feel quite happy about this deal, and I know that she is going to love it! On to the next deal!
These are T-shirts. They happen to me St. Patrick's Day t-shirts. I bought 4. Two are the same, As you can see in the middle. I bought one for my brother because he loves anything Ireland since we are irish. I bought the other 3 for my dad. My dad loves goofy shirts, or shirt that he can just lay around the house in. My mom always tells me to be on the look out for shirt for him, so when I saw these I knew i had to buy them! The far right one just says St. Patrick's Day 2009 and the far left one, is my favorite. I know it will never be worn in public, but it is a leprechaun outfit on a shirt, just like they put tuxes on t-shirt, it kind of resembles that! He will love them all. And how much were they?

yup, a dollar! I love dollar stuff! So I got all 4 shirst for 4 dollars all together! They were normally six dollars, so if I bought them originally they would have been 24 dollars, so I technically saved 20 doolars, thought I would never have bought them for that price.

So last but not least, I got this:

Scarf! These things are extremely popular around campus, I'm not sure if they are every where, but here they seem to be the new trend. I love them. These ones from Walmart are soft and light weight. They are good for wearing in the spring and the fall. I got this pink one and a black one. They were normally 5 dollars which is cheap as far as these scarves go, but I got them for a dollar which is of course A STEAL! So I guess that is all for this update. I've got tons of Clearance stuff that i bought over the last few weeks on my frequent shops with my friends so I have tons to post!

Im half tempted to post them all now, but then I won't have any for later, plus I've been crafting, boy do I love to craft!

Hope everyone is well!

p.s. I know I said I mostly stay out of Walmart as a general rule, but We didn't preorder the movie so Walmart was the only place that was close by that we could get it from at midnight. I tell you a Twilight addiction can make you do some crazy things. So please forgive me of this little blunder! :)

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  1. those are good deals! I never saw those t-shirts at Walmart in my area (I have several within driving distance of my house!). I agree, the Walmarts I shop at aren't very good about marking things down for clearance.


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