Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Blog.


This is my new blog! Soon (I hope) it will be filled with tales of my Clearance shopping(which I am addicted to), Cheap crafts (which I am also addicted to), and anything else that I come across that I feel like sharing with you that has made my life easier, saved me a buck or two, or gave me a little bit of joy during the day.

I am 22, I'm a wife, sister, and daughter. I am currently a student at Indiana University. I love to shop, but I have limited my funds to 20 dollars a week on clearance items and crafts. I have been known to go over my 20 dollar limit, but I try to stay within reason.

I love the dollar tree, you can find some amazing things there. I love thrift stores and garage sales. I love target clearance. I have the whole clearance section at my local Target mapped out and since we have moved quite a bit I know that most target stores have the same clearance layout. I hate Walmart, and try to stay away from it as much as possible. They only reason I have stepped into a Walmart since I made my vow to keep out was when I received a gift card there for Chrsitmas and it still pained me to have to shop there.

There is more I could tell you, but hopefully over time you will get to know me better. Please feel free to leave comments, I will always comment back. I hope to post a blog at least once a week on here.

One note of caution....I DO NOT claim to spell words correctly or use good grammar. I will try hard to keep mistakes in my spelling to a minimum but the grammar will always my down fall, for this I am sorry, but I am who I am and I cannot seem to change the part of me that couldn't care a less about grammar!

I hope you all enjoy my blog and please bookmark me if you would like, so you can keep up with my updates!


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  1. I really like your blog! My husband hates Walmart as well, he goes out of his way to shop anywhere but Walmart :-) Which, by the way, you can find good deals at CVS, especially if you have one of their little cards.


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